With its global field station network, and SynTech Research Laboratory Services (SRLS), Kansas, USA, SynTech is able to offer a complete program including protocol development, field trial conduct, sample analysis and report writing. Study types Field trials SynTech’s global network of field trial facilities in 29 countries ensures comprehensive coverage of all key crops and provides timely delivery of high quality studies. SynTech’s agronomists perform a range of field, greenhouse and laboratory GEP and GLP tests to determine dissipation, residue and acute and chronic effects of all classes of pesticide chemistry on organisms. Regional / federal, state and country programs required for registration are designed and managed according to the EPA, PMRA, OECD, JMAFF, INMETRO, Latin America and Asia authorities. Residue studies - Field crop residue and field dissipation - Post harvest residues - Residue reduction studies – cooking and washing procedures - Import tolerances Soil accumulation/dissipation - Short-term single soil-type, shallow samples - Long-term studies, range of soils, 1m samples Dislodgeable foliar residues - Whole leaf sampling - Hole-punch sampling Sample preparation / processing - Crop and soil sample processing / homogenization - Cooking studies to determine the fate of crop residues in food preparation - Robot Coups for crop processing - Hammer-mill for soil preparation - Freezer storage space for bulk and prepared residue samples Quality assurance Our experienced team of qualified QA personnel can provide consultancy services globally for in-life field audits, laboratory and field / analytical reports and site inspections. Program management Experienced SRLS staff compliment SynTech’s field-phase study directorship capabilities, providing total management of design, field, laboratory and reporting phases for GLP residue and environmental programs. GLP residues studies are managed from the US or EU and can be conducted throughout the US, the EU, Canada and most Latin American and Asian countries. Post-harvest services Yield and quality evaluations Fruit quality evaluation - solids, starch, acidity, minerals, physiology - yield, size, weight, firmness and color - pre-and post-cold storage assessments Processing phase - desiccation, concentrates and juice - vinification - oil production