Who we are - Global
Directors and Global Managers President and CEO, Director of Marketing and Sales – Dr. Khosro Khodayari Director of Asia Pacific – Mr. Paul French Director of North America – Dr. Arlin Bostian Director of Europe – TBD Director of Latin America – TBD Director of Communications – Dr. Colin Ruscoe Director of SynTech Research Laboratory Services – Dr. Eric Lorenz Manager of Finance and HR – Joyce Hess Global Account Managers GLP – Mr. Daniel Mourad Ecotoxicology – Mr. Eric Ythier Seeds/Traits – Dr. Luke Farno Entomology/Public Health – Dr. David Marsden Weeds/PGRs – Dr. Chuck Doty Nematology – nematology@syntechresearch.com Plant Pathology – Mr. Jerry Calloway Regional Managers Regulatory Managers EU – Dr. Cristina Benros-Ythier Americas – Ms. Magdalena Zingoni EU Managers/Program Coordinators Technical Manager – Mr. Michael South Market Development – Mr. David Ferrari Fungicides – Mr. Jerry Calloway Herbicides and Insecticides – Mr. Michael South GLP – Dr. Isabelle Pronier Finance – Mr. Thomas Guillon